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How It All Works


how we go about things

what to expect

Initially I come into your home to see how you work or live to get an idea of how a system that suits your way of living can be set up for you. Together we assess and identify what is not working for you and what you want to achieve, and then see what immediate steps can be taken to make this area work for you.


Please don’t feel you need to hide or change anything before I arrive, as its best its all seen, so I can help you to organise it to work more effectively and efficiently. Even the most chaotic and disorderly space has a system underpinning it, it’s up to me to help you to build on it and make it work for you,. especially keeping in mind the presentation and functional aspects of each area.

how long will it take

Every place and situation is different and once we pull an area apart we can never be sure what can turn up and how much needs to be done. After the initial 3 hour session you will have a better sense of how long the process will take.

at this point you may decide that 

You can carry out this plan on your own, call for help occasionally or You may like to hire me to assist you over a period of time to organise your home or business to where you want it to be.

All bookings are a minimum of 3 hours, as anything less than that doesn’t provide enough time to achieve and show productive results… but having said that, a lot can be done in that time frame.

Create a more organised space in just one session, gain control back into your life by having things all in order.

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